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Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Construct of Angels by Andrew Toynbee

In this scene, Sara the Paramedic is touched by the Angel that she caused to Fall into the student's body.  He feels that he has to convince her of his pure intentions.

I was suffused by a pure white Light that washed away all sight of the rain-lashed street outside.  The Light was more than just brightness – it was physical; tangible, rippling the air around me like a warming breeze on a spring day.
My eyes watered as waves of joy suffused me and I felt my hair floating freely around me, unhindered by gravity.  The Light flowed into my body to warm me from within, beginning in my bones, working outwards, infusing my muscles and my flesh with liquid bliss.  Every corpuscle of my blood sang in harmony, raising a forest of goosebumps on my skin.
I stared along my arm, following it to my crooked finger that pressed gently against a figure that was glowing, not through some trick of transparent skin, but from every molecule of his body that was alive and buzzing with Light. 

You can get A Construct of Angels on Amazon for Kindle, connect with Andrew on Goodreads and his blog.

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