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Guidelines for Submissions (Written Word)

Send all submissions to Alyse with the subject "YOUR TITLE" by YOUR NAME. No excessive language and no gratuitous sexual content please. I will respond within one (1) business day of receiving your email. You will also be contacted again after your post is published with a link to the post so you can share it amongst your followers.
(Please note that submissions will be posted in the order received. Authors may submit more than one at a time, but please do so in separate emails.)

Below are the guidelines:
- To have your submission posted the month you send it, you must send it one week before the end of the month to allow time for me to receive, read, and post said submission.
- Monthly guest posts will consist of no more than 500 words. If your submission is more than 500 words, I will notify you and give you the appropriate time to edit it.
- Any submissions NOT adhering to these guidelines will be deleted. (This was underlined, and put in bold and italics. That means I know you saw it.)

- You may provide a link to your book(s) in the email.
- You may provide a link to any social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter) you are a part of.
- I ask that you provide a link to your blog (if you have one) so I can add it to the blogroll. You are not required to do this; I just thought it would be a good idea. Please tell me you would like it added because I am scatterbrained and will forget otherwise.

Thanks for taking the time to read this! I can't wait for your submissions!


  1. Sorry I looked but could not find the submit form or button. I would like to be promoted and I have a blog but I am barely getting it going. I will add it as well.

    God Life without Religion by Omar Pina Pena

    I decided to write this book for the mere fact that I had been sitting on the sidelines in the arguments. In sitting there I could see from my own life experiences that the fallacy did not lie in the argument for atheism or even for those of faith. It was in the religions. There is nothing wrong with having faith. There was however a corrupt root to all religions. This root was one of hatred and was there to deny rights to people. And willingly those of faith claiming to be good turned on each other for not having the same religion. Where they could put god in a box I choose not to. I choose to live life without religion and therefore I wrote this book.

    My links to my pages:

    my blogg

    1. Hi Omar,
      Submissions are sent to the email address at the top.