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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

"Justice" by Jade Varden

 (excerpt from Chapter 1 of Justice)

                I didn’t know where else to go but my locker. Maybe I could act like I was poking around in there for the next thirty minutes, until the lunch period was over. Of course, I only had two books so far…but no one knew that but me.
                “New girl, huh?”
                The guy at locker 391 was movie-star handsome. His smile was pearly white, each tooth perfectly straight and even. He had a perfect tan and perfect blonde hair, not a single strand out of place.
                “Um,” My mind went blank as soon as I looked at him, and I felt a flush creeping up my neck.
                “Owen Harper,” he winked one of his green eyes at me. “It’s always tough to be new. Pretty soon you’ll blend right in.”
                “Yeah, right,” I mumbled.
                “Just remember to look down your nose at everyone at all times, and you’ll fit in perfectly.” He grinned, and a smile sprang to my lips in response.
                “I’m Rain Ramey.” Finally I remembered my name, but he was already closing his locker.
                “Nice meeting you, Rain Ramey.” Another flash of that perfect smile, and he turned to move down the hall. I stared into my locker, wondering if now would be a good time to just crawl inside. After all, it couldn’t be too bad to live in a locker if I could see a glimpse of Owen Harper from time to time.
                “There you are!” I recognized the strident shriek immediately and jerked back out of the locker to look down the hall.
                “Oh no,” I whispered to my History book.
                “You’ll never believe what this trashy scholarship girl did to me in the cafeteria!”
                My heart sank. The blonde wasn’t coming toward me -- she was heading right for Owen. “Oh, no,” I groaned again.
                “Carsyn! Why are you in your gym clothes?”
                “Oh my God, what are you doing here?”
                “This is my locker,” I answered.
                “You two know each other?” Owen, poor guy, smiled at both of us.
                Carsyn was annoyed by his cluelessness, or so her dramatic eye-roll suggested. “This is the girl I was telling you about. Look at my shoes,” and she shoved them into his face. They were in her left hand; her feet were now clad in silver sandals.
                “You know, Carsyn, I heard Kate Moore say she thought they were last season. Maybe Rain here did you a favor,” Owen suggested.
                “Last season? Hardly. She probably doesn’t even know what that means. Wait a minute -- Rain? Is that your name?”
                “Sure, she’s Rain Ramey,” Owen spoke up when I only stared at Carsyn. “And I think you look great in your gym clothes.” He moved closer to her, and I felt my stomach flip over. Together, they made a gorgeously blonde, perfect pair.
                Of course they were together. I should have known it the moment I saw Owen. Who else would date Barbie but Ken? 

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