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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

"Lily, Unleashed" by Douglas R. Cobb

I'm Douglas R. Cobb, the author of the MG/YA ebooks Lily, Unleashed and Lily and PAWS: The Ghosts of Summer. I'm currently working on an unrelated YA novel, My Brother The Zombie.

What is Lily, Unleashed, about?

Lily is not your usual terrier. In fact, she's not a terrier at all. She's a pterodactyl who has the power (among others) of clouding peoples' minds. Join Lily, her "owner" thirteen-year-old Celeste, and the other members of PAWS (Private Army of Warrior Sleuths), Fuzzy Wally MacGee (a Chinese Crested/rhino), Lucy Marmoset Higgins (a Great Dane/orangutan), and Prince Alphonse Saed (a miniature dachsund/Mountain Lion) as they fight crime wherever they encounter it, Read their humorous and exciting adventures as they battle against the criminal organization, the Scarlet SNURFLES, headed by the scarlet Macaw, Frankie Sinister. And, when they also have to face the Scarlet Mafia (lead by the scarlet Macaw, Benny the Beak), the aliens known as the Greys, the red Egyptian fox and leader of the Guild of Assassins, Omar Khalid Ali, and the red panda, General Yao Xing, can even Lily, Celeste, and PAWS hope to succeed?

Where can it be purchased?

 Exclusively at Amazon's Kindle Store.

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